Another NetApp leak reveals joint pipeline with CSC, says BHP Billiton

"NetApp & CSC field engagement program" revealed in set of documents describing plans to target the USA’s top 100 companies, including Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton.

One of NetApp’s online communities has again offered commercially sensitive internal documents for the public to download, this time in the form of spreadsheets and presentations describing a program it runs with services giant CSC to target the largest 100 companies in the USA.

The documents, three of which have been accessed by SearchStorage ANZ, list a number of prospects the two companies are jointly targeting and seems to indicate the pair are using storage assessments as a way to deepen engagements with customers. The documents also reveal some revenue-sharing arrangements, with CSC listing fees for assessments between $US10,000 and $US120,000. One engagement yielded a $US1.1 million sale for NetApp, which netted CSC 10% "referral fee."

One of the documents offers a list titled “Prospect List - CSC NetApp Joint Top 100 - Storage Assessment,” and mentions 31 organisations the companies are targeting. The organisations mentioned are household names in sectors including automotive, resources, defence, banking & finance, healthcare, biotechnology, online retail and semiconductor manufacture.

Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton is listed in this document as having completed “NetApp internal education” and as having participated in a joint NetApp and CSC call or meeting.

A second document includes a list titled “TOP 100 Storage Optimization Solution Sales Pipeline.”

A third (pictured below), marked “CSC proprietary and confidential” and dated “3/10/2010” details progress CSC and NetApp are making on their joint campaign.


A sample from one of the documents. SearchStorage ANZ has removed the names of NetApp and CSC staffers.

All three documents do not name individuals inside the targeted organisations, but do list numerous CSC and NetApp personnel. They also mention many high-profile companies.

SearchStorage ANZ has made the decision not to reproduce the lists in full, as the organisations named are not at fault for the documents leaking. As BHP Billiton is jointly domiciled in Australia, home of SearchStorage ANZ, we feel there is a public interest argument for revealing its participation in this scheme, given the interest to participants in the Australian storage community.

The inadvertent release of these documents is the third recent significant leak from NetApp, with a competitive intelligence database offered for public download last year and a confidential “quote tool document” made available in the same community. It is also the second time, after the leak of the competitive intelligence database, that internal documents mentioning NetApp prospects has become publicly available.


As a journalist, stumbling upon these documents is a grimly humourous event, as when one covers the storage industry one is constantly reminded of the need for data security and integrity. Documents of this sort misplaced in public fora cannot help but drain the credibility of the vendors concerned when they discuss such matters with either the media or the public.

Disclosure: The author holds shares in BHP Billiton

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