Trio targets midrange with new arrays

EMC, IBM and Dell have all hit the market with new storage arrays aimed at mid-sized users.

The mid-range storage market has come alive with IBM, Dell and EMC each launching new products in the last week.

IBM has launched a new TS3400 tape library has a much smaller footprint than the enterprise-level TS1120, supports 18 cartridges and holds up to 37.8 terabytes (TB) of compressed data; it also supports write-once, read-many (WORM) data recording, and ships with a 4 Gigabit per second (Gbps) dual-port Fibre Channel attachment. The unit also packs heavyweight cryptographic tools which IBM says makes it suitable for smaller businesses with heavy security requirements, or larger businesses looking to harden their environments by adding additional protection to data at rest.

Its drive-based encryption and automated features will help customers better perform data backup, restore and archiving tasks -- areas of high demand at midsized businesses. The TS3400 will be available from March 9th. Prices start at $45,000

EMC, meanwhile, has launched a new entry-level Clariion model, the CX3-10 UltraScale. The machine offers up to 30TB of capacity and combines Fibre Channel and native iSCSI connectivity within the same array. EMC says this makes it ideal for users adopting networked storage for the first time, as it enables smaller businesses to enjoy iSCSI and then step up to fibre channel in the future. Prices start at $20,000.

Dell has introduces its own version of the same product and also added two new tape libraies to its range. The TL4000 and PowerVault TL2000 are respectively a 4U solution with 44 cartridges for a native capacity up to 17.6TB or 2U solution with 24 cartridges for a native capacity of up to 9.6TB. Prices for the TL2000 start at AUD$8,499, for the TL4000 at AUD$13,499.

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