Czech your users, says A-V firm

Technology only contributes 30% to solving security problems, according to the Global Security Strategist for Czech anti-virus software vendor Grisoft.

Most enterprise security issues are well known and understood by security experts, according to Larry Bridwell, former member of White House's Cyber Incidents steering committee and Global Security Strategist of Czech anti-virus software vendor Grisoft. But lack of end-user allows attacks to succeed.

"Technology is less than 30% of a security solution," Bridwell said in Sydney on Thursday. "Books on Unix security from the 90's described 98% of the problem."

"But the issue now is that humans keep reading the spam and are still clicking on it." The result is compromised systems as they are led to web sites infested with malware, which he said is increasingly aimed at helping organised crime to make money by creating networks of compromised computers than can be used to send spam. Identity theft is another favourite task for these networks.

"Until we get a better educated population, we'll keep having the problem," he said.

In the meanwhile, he said most security software vendors offer more or less equivalent tools, leading Grisoft to use price and service as its competitive differentiator in the Australian and New Zealand markets, where it launched operations this week.

"We're not the cheapest and we are not the most expensive," Bridwell said, outlining the company's plan to offer its products with a two-year license that includes all virus signature updates and upgrades to the software as they emerge.

"No-one has ever bought a security product because they really wanted it," he said, further explaining the company's go-to-market strategy.

Grisoft's AVG products are being distributed in Australia by Avalanche Technology, which said it has already signed up several hundred resellers and is adding more at the rate of nearly twenty each week.

The company's signature product is AVG Internet Security 7.5, an $89.95 suite that defeats viruses, spam and phishing and includes a desktop firewall.

Headquartered in the Czech Republic city of Brno, the company has more than 40 million users worldwide, half of which are in 100+ seat implementations.

Grisoft also offers a free version of its Anti-Virus software.

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