NetApp’s new cloud products grown at Telstra, Sensis, Suncorp

NetApp has released a suite of new products to let its customers create cloud computing services, and says the IP for the new tools was largely developed on engagements at Telstra, Sensis and Suncorp.

NetApp says new cloud computing products announced today were developed using experience gained during past engagements at Telstra, Sensis and Suncorp

Data ONTAP 8 - the details
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NetApp famously won Telstra as a major client several years ago. The deal was globally significant for NetApp and SearchStorage ANZ understands Telstra remains one of the company's largest global customers.

“We developed a shared infrastructure when we did the Telstra build, then built out the Sensis infrastructure with the Excelsior program, then built shared services at Suncorp,” said NetApp ANZ Marketing Director Roger Mannett.

“We have not had many engagements around the world similar to these, maybe a couple in Europe. I not believe they have done an equivalent build out in the Americas at this point.”

“We had intellectual property (IP) inside the organisation when we built the first architecture,” Mannett said. “Telstra, Sensis and Suncorp were beneficiaries of the early use of that IP. The original construct was we wanted something scalable, but we did not know at the time how big it would scale. We are now at a point where we know it is tested, it is proven, it is repeatable and we have now productised it.”

The product in question is called the NetApp Dynamic Data Centre (NDDC) Solution and is billed as offering a service-oriented infrastructure (SOI) that “allows customers to consume and deploy storage, network, and compute resources in a repeatable manner to reduce costs and increase service levels.” The solution includes a service catalogue and a delivery methodology.

Another new product is Data Motion, a product that allows data to be moved between storage systems without interrupting applications.

The company has also delivered Data ONTAP 8, and says it offers “data management capabilities and tighter integration with data centre orchestration and management systems, enabling the storage, server, networking, and application layers to interface with one another.”

Another new offering is the Performance Acceleration Module II, a flash memory add-on card for NetApp hardware that the company says is a smarter way to adopt SSDs than using disk drives in arrays.

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