Resellers beat EMC to local Mozy launch

EMC may not be willing to disclose the ANZ launch date for its storage-as-a-service business, but resellers are already bringing the Mozy service to Australia.

EMC's Storage-as-a-service offering, Mozy, is already being marketed in Australia by eager resellers, who are even adopting the Mozy brand with EMC's blessing.

Would-be Mozy resellers need only sign up online to start offering the service, an option taken up by Sydney company Ozefax which resells Mozy under the name "OzeMozy."

"After some consultation with the guy at Mozy, they said had no problems with the name," said David Dixon, a Director of Ozefax.

Dixon added that the support Mozy offers to resellers is more than adequate. "Aside from the time difference, the support is superb."

An EMC spokesperson told SearchStorage ANZ that the presence of local resellers is condoned by EMC and is even expected to give the service a boost when EMC launches it locally.

"Having resellers in Australia is important to Mozy because resellers build the initial foundation," the spokesperson said. "They have established relationships with local businesses, so they can help Mozy build trust within the country. Resellers also help create awareness for the Mozy online backup service."

The spokesperson also said: "Mozy has localisation plans for Australia, but the exact date has not been disclosed." Nor would the spokesperson disclose whether the Australian service will follow the US model, which sees customers sent a hard drive to make their initial backup.

That model, however, does not appeal to Dixon.

"The whole model that we follow is that it is a service," he said. "We do not want to be involved in any inventory [of hard drives] or anything like that."

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