IBM Australia to expand storage-as-a-service faciilties

Big Blue says customer demand for outsourced storage will see it bolster its local on-demand facilities.

IBM Australia will expand the capacity of its storage-as-a-service facilities in response to strong customer demand for the service.

"The service is generating very good feedback from customers," said Francois Vazille, IBM's Business Unit Executive for System Storage, who added that the company is aware of the Kaz/EMC product in the same space and sees expansion as the way to ensure IBM remains competitive in this space.

"We will do a lot of in this market and will look for more services-oriented storage solutions and management-on-demand offerings."

An important driver for the expansion, Vazille said, is customers' difficulty finding skilled staff to administer their storage systems. That staffing issue, he said, is making storage-as-a-service increasingly attractive to users.

"The shortage means things do not get any easier," he said.

One technology widely touted as making storage administration easier is not, however, currently on IBM's roadmap.

"I have not seen any clients that have a problem that can be solved by data de-duplication," Vazille said, although he could not say why they find the technology unattractive.

Encryption for tape is, however, a market in which the giant company sees plenty of demand in Australia.

"Many business store tapes off-site, so encryption is important to them," Vazille said.

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