EMC Australia creates new IP storage team

EMC Australia believes medium-sized organisations are ready for a new tier of infrastructure to unlock access to unstructured data.

Medium-sized businesses are ready for IP storage, according to EMC Australia, which has created a new team to educate the market about the benefits on offer from the technology.

Headed by Steve Coad, newly appointed as Director of IP solutions, the team has 14 members. Half of the team are new hires.

Coad says the new team was formed to meet demand for IP storage among EMC's high-end SAN customers, who can now access all of the features the company offers in its Symmetrix systems through IP storage equipment.

Clive Gold, co-opted to the team as Marketing Director for IP Storage, said the new team is needed to explain the benefits of IP storage in helping to tame file-based data.

Citing Microsoft's SharePoint server as the key tool most medium sized businesses are adopting to improve end-user access to files, Gold said SharePoint and similar applications will benefit from a new tier of infrastructure that abstracts storage and makes it easier for users to share files. This new layer, he added, will be especially important in what he called "intuitive computing' environments such as Microsoft's OneNote, a tool he predicts will soon be joined by other applications that do away with conventional directory-driven interfaces in favour of new ways to work that offer intuitive navigation based on relationships b etween pieces of information rather than lists of document names.

Countering suggestions that he last thing most businesses are interested in is an extra layer of infrastructure, Gold said IP storage's lower cost of acquisition and ownership, plus the fact IP skills are present in most organisations, makes the creation of the new layer feasible.

Fibre Channel skills, he said, are not as common. Organisations are also disinclined to complicate their network infrastructure, again making IP viable.

Gold and Coad believe medium sized organisations are most likely to heed this call, and expects that their recently announced iSCSI-native midrange arrays will be an important component in the company's IP push.

"In the past IP was in there," Gold said. "But you also needed a switch. Now we can do it all out of the box."

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