A guide to VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat

Mike Laverick offers a four-part series on how to successfully install and operate VMware's vCenter Server Heartbeat.


vCenter Server Heartbeat

Part 1: Boost vCenter server availability with new tool
Mike Laverick | 20 Aug 2010
Our VMware expert takes an in-depth look at the powerful management tool vCenter Server in this first of a series of articles on vCenter Server Heartbeat.

Part 2: vCenter Heartbeat -- How to install vCSHB
Mike Laverick | 20 Aug 2010
Now that you know a little about the service, find out how to install vCSHB to your primary and secondary vCenter servers.

Part 3: vCSHB failover tests -- Avoiding split-brain
Mike Laverick | 15 Sept 2010
Delving deeper into vCenter Server Heartbeat, our expert experiments with the service and explains how exactly it can help with failover and unexpected vCenter outages.

Part 4: Unplanned networking outages -- How vCSHB can help
Mike Laverick | 15 Sept 2010
In the final part of our four-part series, our expert explains the features of vCSHB and tests the unplanned loss of VMware channels and the principal public network.

Mike Laverick

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Mike Laverick is a professional instructor with 15 years of experience with technologies such as Novell, Windows and Citrix, and has been involved with the VMware community since 2003. Laverick is a VMware forum moderator and member of the London VMware User Group Steering Committee. In addition to teaching, Laverick is the owner and author of the virtualisation website and blog RTFM Education, where he publishes free guides and utilities aimed at VMware ESX/VirtualCenter users. In 2009, Laverick received the VMware vExpert award and helped found the Irish and Scottish user groups. Laverick has had books published on VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3, VMware vSphere 4 and VMware Site Recovery Manager.

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