Convirture claims to plug hypervisor gap as competition heats up with VMware

Newcomer Convirture claims to be plugging a hole in the open source hypervisor market, as it declares war on VMware's vCenter; plus more daily news.

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Convirture claims to plug hypervisor gap
Newcomer Convirture claims to be plugging a hole in the hypervisor market, as it declares war on VMware's vCenter. According to the vendor hypervisor, management and the lack of a go-to toolbox have always been major problems, so most businesses are having to build their own. The company claims its version 2.0 of ConVirt Enterprise Edition addresses this gap. The firm specialises in managing open source Xen, KVM virtualisation and private cloud deployments.

Double Negative chooses Dell Blade servers
Visual effects company Double Negative has chosen Dell to provide an x86 standards-based blade server. Implemented at its London headquarters, the firm selected an architecture consisting of 300 Dell PowerEdge M610 blade servers and 19 Dell PowerEdge M1000e blade enclosures.

Annual IT spending to hit $1.51 trillion in 2010, IDC says
Overall annual IT spending will reach $1.51 trillion and hardware spending will hit $624 billion in 2010, according to analysts at IDC. This represents a growth of 6% and 11% compared to last year. According to the researcher, Western Europe is expected to post IT spending growth of 3% in constant currency.

HP sets deadline for software vendors
Hewlett-Packard has set a six-month deadline for software vendors to patch security vulnerabilities before it opts to disclose information to the public. HP TippingPoint's Zero Day Initiative, which buys vulnerabilities from researchers and reports them to software vendors, warned that it would release "limited details" if the deadline was not met. The deadline has been set for 4 February 2011.

Microsoft and settle dispute over patent
Microsoft and have decided to settle their patent suits against each other, as the two have agreed to disagree and have entered into a license sharing agreement for the cloud technologies in question.

A Microsoft press release states: "The cases have been settled through a patent agreement in which will receive broad coverage under Microsoft's patent portfolio for its products and services as well as its back-end server infrastructure during the term. Also as part of the agreement, Microsoft receives coverage under's patent portfolio for Microsoft's products and services."

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