Top 10 server virtualisation stories of 2012

Check out our top 10 server virtualisation resources to help storage professionals address the variety of storage-related challenges they may face in a virtual server environment

The benefits of server virtualisation are indeed quite impressive for today's server and datacentre administrators, but what about you – the storage manager? While everyone else is reaping the rewards of their newly virtualised servers, you are realising that your job just became a lot more complex and time-consuming.

We feel your pain. For that reason, Computer Weekly has compiled a top 10 list of tips and guides to server virtualisation to help you address the variety of storage-related challenges you may face in your virtual server environment.

Best practices for using server virtualisation in your storage environment

Server virtualisation can lower costs and increase capacity, but there are a number of best practices to consider when using or thinking about server virtualisation. Check out this tip to learn four key things to keep in mind when using server virtualisation in your storage environment.

Virtual server and virtual machine backup: Hot data backup storage technologies

Virtual machine (VM) backup is still in its adolescence, but maturing fast, with significant developments that should offer some relief to beleaguered backup administrators. Explore this report to learn more about the basics of VM backup.

iSCSI versus Fibre Channel in virtual server environments

Deciding which SAN technology to use for your virtual server environment requires careful consideration. Find out for yourself by learning the pros and cons of iSCSI versus Fibre Channel in virtual server environments.

Everything you need to know about vSphere and data storage 

System administrators are still gushing over the benefits of VMware's virtualised servers, but for storage professionals, the shift in server architecture has caused new headaches. Find out how VMware vSphere aims to address many of these storage-related shortcomings.

Storage virtualisation benefits: Increasing flexibility and utilisation with virtualisation

Our e-guide will help storage professionals understand storage virtualisation benefits and get started with their own storage virtualisation project by providing purchasing tips, file virtualisation best practices and more.

I/O virtualisation: Approaches and implementations

Learn which companies have offerings in the I/O virtualisation space, how they approach the network infrastructure bottleneck problem, what the pros and cons of each product are, and the differences between I/O virtualisation and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

Including server virtualisation in your disaster recovery plan

This tip discusses best practices for including server virtualisation in your disaster recovery (DR) plan based on the hypervisor in use, the IT infrastructure in place, and the required recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).

How to buy a blade server 

Blade servers can make your datacentre more efficient, but a blade project can be costly. In this expert tip, we tell you what questions you should ask before committing to a blade server supplier.

Storage virtualisation essentials: Cut costs and increase storage efficiency

Storage virtualisation can cut equipment costs and increase storage efficiency. Explore this guide to discover the pros and cons of storage virtualisation architectures and learn about storage virtualisation products and how storage virtualisation fits into disaster recovery plans.

Guidelines for implementing virtualisation in your storage infrastructure

Virtualisation has shown up in all layers of the storage infrastructure and storage managers need to balance the benefits of virtualisation against the complexity it brings. Here are some guidelines for implementing virtualisation in your storage infrastructure.


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