Verizon launches data discovery and identification services for India

Verizon Business makes an enterprise data protection bid with its data discovery, identification and security classification (DDISC) services.

Verizon Business has recently launched its data discovery, identification and security classification (DDISC) services, an enhanced version of its existing IT security consulting services. This service intends to address the data security issue in Indian businesses, largely due to data breaches that involve unclassified data. At the moment, DDISC services are available in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific regions.

DDISC services claim to help enterprises discover, identify and classify data stored on a business' servers and extended network (which links customers, partners and suppliers). As part of these services, Verizon's IT security consultants will review the data's relevance and sensitivity, and compares it with the enterprise's business goals. The DDISC service also claims to help organisations to manage compliance with security standards and regulations such as the PCI-DSS, HIPAA and GLBA.

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