Nokia ditches Ovi name in services rebranding exercise

Nokia is to ditch its Ovi branding in a move to bring its services under the same brand.

Nokia is to ditch its Ovi branding in a move to bring its services under the same brand.

The company has used the Ovi brand to sell music, games and apps for four years. It will now be renamed Nokia Services.

"The main reason for this change is so we can leverage the high value of the Nokia master brand to better support future plans to deliver disruptive and compelling mobile experiences globally," wrote the company in a blog post.

Earlier this year Nokia announced a partnership with Microsoft to use the Windows 7 operating system on its new smartphones.

But some commentators have observed this could be the beginning of a move to make Window's Marketplace Nokia's primary app store.

Anthony Miller, analyst at TeckMarketView, said: "Nokia is obviously a bit over the floor with its strategy, having hitched its wagon to Windows platform. If it's not using separate branding for these services then they are not visible to the marketplace. iTunes, for example is a very visible app from Apple. So it sounds like the move to rebrand to Nokia Services could be a precursor to quietly winding down these services."

However, Nokia insisted the move was solely a name-changing exercise. "The only difference consumers can expect to see is the replacement of the word Ovi with Nokia, not only on their device software but also in other places such as printed material or online media and advertisements," it said.

The transition from Ovi to Nokia will begin in July this year, with the intention of completing the rebranding across all countries and all services by the end of 2012.

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