Intel reports profits boost

Intel has reported first quarter revenue of $12.9bn – an all-time record ...

Intel has reported first quarter revenue of $12.9bn,

"The first-quarter revenue was an all-time record for Intel fuelled by double digit annual revenue growth in every major product segment and across all geographies," said Paul Otellini (pictured), Intel president and CEO. "These outstanding results, combined with our guidance for the second quarter, position us to achieve greater than 20% annual revenue growth."

Intel is making in-roads into the tablet market, following the success of Apple's iPad. the chipmaker recently announced an Atom-based chipset for tablet devices.

Intel is also pushing lower powered server chips through its Sandy Bridge and future architectures. In a recent blog, Forrester analyst Richard Fichera, noted: "While improving performance and performance per watt, [the Intel processors] still not going to get below 5W per core until 2012 for an Atom-based derivative, by which time they will be competing against both the best and newest AMD Interlagos derivatives as well as the first generation of ARM upstarts, and the Xeon CPU's power draw, which seems to be stubbornly stuck in the range of 8 to 10W per core, will need to come down further in order to come across as true leaders in power and performance.

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