Cabinet Office seeks executive director of digital for £141,000

The government is seeking a director of digital for £141,000 per year.

The government is seeking a director of digital for £141,000 per year.

The position was originally proposed in the Martha Lane Fox review at the end of last year. It is currently being filled on an interim basis by Chris Chant.

In a job description the Cabinet Office said it is looking for an exceptional candidate to fill the "new and exciting" role of Executive Director of Digital to lead the implementation of the government's new digital strategy.

"Sitting at the heart of the government's radical public service reform agenda this will be a rewarding role with a great deal of public visibility," it said.

The Cabinet Office is seeking a candidate with a "proven credibility in transformation through the delivery of digital channels and engagement, together with a track record of leading digitally-enabled change at a strategic level, in a large federated organisation with complex delivery chains".

Sureyya Cansoy, director of public sector at Intellect, says the announcement came as no surprise as it has been in the pipeline for some time, and reflects the importance the government attatches to digital services.

"I assume the person in charge will be heading the government's channel shift to online-only services, although I expect the remit will be much broader than just that. [The press has dubbed the role] 'Twitter Tsar', which is unhelpful as it puts the position in a very narrow box," said Cansoy.

"The question a lot of people will be asking is whether Chris Chant applies, making his interim role permanent," she added.

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