Verizon launches security info-sharing site

Verizon has launched a website to collect and share information about data security incidents.

Verizon has launched a website to collect and share information about data security incidents.

The VERIS Community site is aimed at enabling organisations around the world to share this information anonymously using an online application for collecting, classifying, analysing and comparing security incident information.

"The VERIS application is a smart way for Verizon Business to crowd-source breach data collection, and giving back to the data-starved security community makes it even more valuable," said Wendy Nather, senior security analyst, The 451 Group.

Each contributor will receive a customised report that analyses the incidents and compares them with similar incidents at other participating organisations.

"With the VERIS Project, Verizon is publicly sharing data that we have spent years gathering through our data breach caseload," said Peter Tippett, vice president of technology and innovation, Verizon Business.

"We are sharing the aggregate data, and encouraging other companies to anonymously share their security-event data to promote more dialogue and understanding of security incidents," he said.

The collective sharing of in-the-trenches security events offers organisations the opportunity to change the way they manage risk, said Tippett.

"Participating enterprises will know whether their incident was a rare event or one commonly experienced by others, and such information can help enterprises decide what, if anything, should be done to prevent similar events in the future," he said.

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