Deutsche Bank outsources software testing to SQS

Deutsche Bank has outsourced the testing of its software to SQS Software Quality Systems.

Deutsche Bank has outsourced part of its software testing to SQS Software Quality Systems.

SQS will test the bank's applications until the end of 2013 with integration testing the primary challenge.

This will be delivered via the near- and onshore test centres in Görlitz, Germany and Cairo, Egypt, with the target of expanding it to the test centres in Pune and Durban.

Reto Züst, chief executive of SQS AG for Central Europe and the Middle East, said its managed testing service is a driver for the company's growth. "We are very pleased about our classification as a strategic partner of Deutsche Bank for software testing," he added.

Earlier this year Deutsche bank announced it was replacing multiple IT systems with core banking software from SAP.

Demand for software testing is one of the fastest-growing segments in the IT services market because companies want to be able to launch applications quickly to take advantage of business opportunities.

Capgemini recently integrated its software testing resources to help it compete with pure-play software testers.

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