Microsoft previews Internet Explorer 9.0

Microsoft has released a technology preview of Internet Exporter 9.0, which offers hardware-accelerated HTML 5.0...

Microsoft has released a technology preview of Internet Explorer 9.0, which offers hardware-accelerated HTML 5.0 to speed up access to web pages.

Microsoft demonstrated a new Javascript engine in Internet Explorer 9.0, which it said uses the multiple cores of today's modern chips to manage computing resources.

IE 9.0 can also take advantage of graphics accelerator processors (GPUs) to boost the speed of web browsing. By combining increased interoperability with a new Javascript engine and Direct 2D technology, Internet Explorer 9 enables web developers to provide users with richer experiences that render more quickly and consistently, Microsoft said.

Microsoft chief scientist Ray Ozzie also unveiled "Dallas", a web platform to help software developers discover, pilot and subscribe to commercial data sources in a standard way. These data sources can be used as the basis of new applications.

Microsoft released a software development kit for the Open Data Protocol (OData)to support Dallas. It said it would make it easier for developers to access data from the cloud to create cross-platform web applications.

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