Prevx offers free security to online businesses

Security firm Prevx is giving free protection to customers of organisations that do business online.

Security firm Prevx is giving free protection to customers of organisations that do business online.

Customers of partner organisations, such as banks or government departments, will be able to download the SafeOnline software to protect against a wide range of techniques used to steal personal information.

The software locks down the user's operating system and browser to hide information from criminal malware. It is designed on the assumption that no security product can offer full protection, says Mel Morris, Prevx's CEO and CTO.

"The challenge for many banks is giving customers enough confidence to keep using online facilities," said Morris.

More than a third of UK consumers say security is the most important reason for not banking online, according to a June 2009 survey by research firm Gartner.

Other benefits to partner organisations include real-time alerts about malware targeting their customers.

End-users will also be alerted to attempts to redirect their browsers to fake sites and to steal information through key logging or screen capture.

"Even if an end-user's computer is infected with a Trojan, the Prevx software will prevent the malware from accessing any of the transaction information," said Morris.

The launch of the partnership programme marks the end of four months' beta testing of the software that has been approved by penetration testing firm Immunity, he said.

According to Morris, the Immunity testing found Prevx SafeOnline was 100% effective against cyber threats including the Zeus and Silent Banker Trojans.

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