Tesco deploys green software to track carbon emissions

UK supermarket Tesco is using CA ecoSoftware to help it measure carbon emissions across its global operations.

UK supermarket Tesco is using CA ecoSoftware to help it measure carbon emissions across its global operations.

Tesco has implemented CA ecoSoftware to help increase the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of its carbon accounting process, enabling the company to track progress in pursuit of its ambitious carbon reduction goals.

The retailer plans to halve emissions from existing buildings by 2020; halve distribution emissions of each case of goods delivered by 2012; and halve emissions from new stores by 2020.

"When we announced our plan two years ago to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% across all of our global operations, we knew we were taking on a big task," said Mike Yorwerth, IT director of Tesco.

"Since that time a number of people across the business have been involved in measuring, documenting and reporting on our emissions - a time-consuming, largely manual task. We are also overseeing hundreds of projects around the world designed to reduce our carbon footprint, all of which need to be prioritised and measured.

"With CA ecoSoftware, we expect to streamline the process of data management, helping to reduce errors and operational expenses, and improve our ability to communicate major milestones."

As part of its environmental push, earlier this year Tesco began using flywheels to store electricity for powering down servers in an emergency. The flywheels replace traditional uninterruptible power supplies, which require a bank of environmentally unfriendly lead-acid batteries to supply back-up power to the datacentre.

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