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Top 10 enterprise IT stories in the Benelux region in 2017

Highlights of how organisations in the Benelux region have been harnessing the latest IT in 2017

The Benelux region is rich in IT expertise. Cities such as Amsterdam have set attracting IT industry to their streets as a priority. This top 10 looks at some of Computer Weekly’s coverage of what organisations in the region have been up to in IT.

We kick off with a story that looks at what is on offer to early-stage startups in Amsterdam. The Netherlands has several major tech hubs in close proximity and Amsterdam aims to become a prime European location for companies to set up. Also in the Netherlands, we reported how airline KLM was using a virtual reality computer game to offer safety training to engineers.

In Belgium, we wrote about a cancer research organisation that was harnessing the latest storage technology to help it cut the cost of storing huge amounts of data, while making it easily accessible to researchers. Also in Belgium, the country’s biggest telecoms company, Proximus, told how it would be deploying a cloud orchestration platform as part of its next-generation virtualised cloud network.

Meanwhile, Computer Weekly research revealed that organisations in the Benelux region as a whole needed to ensure their IT staff were content or could face a sudden exodus of workers. The research showed that just over half of IT professionals in the Benelux region were open to new job opportunities but were not actively seeking them.

1. Dutch tech hub is facilitating the next Google

Amsterdam is already a leading tech hub, and is now offering support for companies in their second phase of development.

2. Cancer researcher gets Nodeum LTFS tape NAS

Belgium-based OncoDNA replaces IBM tape library with flash-powered Nodeum LTFS to provide file access to backup and archive tapes at approaching nearline timescales.

3. Royal Dutch Touring Club stimulates innovation and renewal of ICT

Dutch motoring club has shaped its business in a way that enables the business and IT department to innovate together.

4. SAP goes after world’s largest brewing company in $600m licence dispute

Belgian brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev says it intends to defend “vigorously” against software licensing claims by SAP.

5. Virtual reality simulation helps KLM engineers escape in an emergency

Dutch airline KLM develops virtual reality simulation to show engineers what to do if a maintenance hangar catches fire.

6. How Dutch university quickly connected thousands of students to new learning management system

Dutch university TU Delft is replacing its legacy learning management system after 17 years.

7. Benelux organisations must ensure IT staff are content or else risk exodus

Organisations in the Benelux region could face IT staff leaving in large numbers if they don’t remain attractive to employees.

8. The Dutch government defines cyber threat actors

The Dutch government commissions the creation of a scientific classification of individuals and groups involved in cyber crime.

9. Belgian telco Proximus picks Cloudify to support NFV roll-out

Belgium’s largest telecoms operator Proximus will deploy a cloud-native orchestration platform to support its adoption of NFV services in the business.

10. CIO interview: Daniel Gebler, chief technology officer, Picnic

The Netherlands has the highest supermarket density in the world, yet a technology company has been able to gain market share from the established order.

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