IPSoft’s latest robot will process helpdesk requests from users and automate fixes

AI software maker combines a cognitive front end and automated back end to simplify enterprise service requests from workers

Artificial intelligence (AI) software maker IPsoft has a first beta customer for its latest service, which enables business users to access automated services through a conversation with a robot.

Requesting a new bit of IT equipment or booking a holiday will not require form-filling, accessing multiple systems and a human to process, with IPsoft’s software robot, known as Amelia, fielding requests via text or voice-based conversations with the user.

The platform, known as 1Desk, has a cognitive agent that automatically checks privileges, for example, and translates the business user’s requests into the autonomic IT service management back end. The user does not have to navigate multiple systems and fill in firms because the robot will do this from the information given to it in spoken language.

Global medical imaging systems supplier Carestream Health will be the first beta customer for 1Desk.

The system brings together service desks so that business users can make a single request for support in IT and enterprise services such as HR and finance.

The system connects the cognitive agent at the front end to autonomics at the back end. “It has cognitive competence, so it can understand business users directly, and services their requests through automated digital labour, not by armies of people,” said Chetan Dube, CEO at IPsoft.

Traditionally, if, for example, a user makes a request for an IP phone, they would be connected to a service catalogue, asset management system, asked to add hardware, then select a phone, fill out a form and eventually a ticket generation system will create a ticket, which would be picked up by a person to process.

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Dube said: “Do we really need to understand Faraday’s principles of induction before we turn on the light switch? Can we directly connect the user to the applications that service them and, in the process, disintermediate this classic set of IT operations and ticket generation machines?”

Gerson Benker, vice-president IT operations at Carestream, said 1Desk “opens up the possibility to set a new standard for cognitive-enabled business processes in terms of both speed and quality”.

During the beta, all IT requests from Carestream staff will be made through 1Desk, but they will also use it for HR and finance support. .....................................................................................................................

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