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IT Priorities 2017: Quarter of Asean CIOs expect big IT budget increase

More than half of Asean IT leaders expect a budget increase next year, and a quarter of them anticipate a rise of more than 10%

A quarter (25%) of CIOs in the Asean region expect their IT budget to increase by more than 10% next year compared with 2016, according to Computer Weekly/TechTarget research.

The IT Priorities 2017 survey of IT decision-makers based in the Asean region also revealed that 20% expecting an increase of between 5% and 10%.

But although a total of 51% expect a budget increase, this is less than in last year’s study, when 64% said IT budgets would be higher in 2016 than in 2015. Also last year,  31% expected an increase of more than 10%, 26% predicted a rise of between 5% and 10%, and 7% expected budgets to increase by less than 5%.

Like last year, the most anticipated broad investment revealed by this year’s survey is around big data/business analytics, with 43% expecting to implement such an initiative, the same figure as last year.

Meanwhile, 31% plan a mobility initiative in 2017 compared with 35% in last year’s survey. Despite this decline, a large proportion of CIOs in the Asean region will be involved in mobile projects in 2017, according to the survey findings.

The study revealed that 48% will use a mobile deployment model to deliver software. This was the most popular deployment model in the survey. Meanwhile, when it comes to software initiatives, mobile application deployment was the most anticipated activity for 2017, with 40% of Asean IT decision-makers expecting to do this.

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With mobile penetration very high in Asean countries, businesses need to ensure they have the right mobile technologies in place to serve customers in the way they want and allow workers to use mobile devices. A report by Oxford Economics earlier this year found that mobile internet penetration in Southeast Asia had more than trebled since 2010.

The Oxford Economics report found that each percentage point that mobile internet penetration rises in Southeast Asia adds $1.5bn to the region’s gross domestic product, with the potential to add a million jobs by 2020.

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