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Lloyds Bank launches technologies to improve and secure customer services

Lloyds Bank is investing in the latest technologies to provide customers with convenient and secure banking services

Lloyds Banking Group is attempting to make customer services more user-friendly and secure, with facial recognition and audio technologies at the centre of plans.

The bank has announced that customers of its Bank of Scotland business can open an account online by sending selfies and pictures of identification documents, such as driving licences.

The process takes minutes and approval can be done in under an hour, although the bank said it will take a maximum of two working days.

As the ID verification technology is web-based, customers can use a web browser on their smartphone or tablet to submit images with no need to download an additional app.

Nick Williams, consumer digital director at Lloyds Banking Group, said: “Customers now expect an experience that is simple and efficient and, as they are increasingly digitally-savvy, they want to interact with us in a way that suits their busy and mobile lifestyles.”

Meanwhile, Lloyds Bank is also using technology that can spot unusual behaviour from audio to prevent telephone banking fraud.

The bank is using technology known as phoneprinting, developed by Pindrop, to create what it describes as audio fingerprints. The technology analyses 147 call features – such as location, background noise, number history and call type – to highlight unusual activity.

It will spot tactics used by criminals such as voice distortion and social engineering. The technology can also identify multiple callers associated with the same phone number, allowing the detection and tracking of fraud rings. The Lloyds Banking Group will introduce the software in early 2017.

Martin Dodd, group telephony managing director at the bank, said: “Our partnership with Pindrop will enable us to further strengthen our multi-layered defences and allow us to continue to lead the industry in this important area.”

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