Williams F1 teams up with Thales cyber security

Williams Group seals technical partnership to protect its confidential high-value data in the competitive world of F1 racing

The Williams Formula One motor racing team has announced a technical partnership with critical information systems, cyber security and data protection firm Thales.

Under the agreement, Thales will provide cyber security systems for real-time global telemetry transmission to both the Williams Martini Racing and the Williams Advanced Engineering teams.

Cyber security, especially data protection, is of the utmost importance in the competitive world of Formula One, and Thales will help Williams to protect its confidential, high-value data.

Thales designs, develops and operates resilient and high-performance critical information systems in the aerospace, defence, finance, technology and transport sectors, supported by its 2,000 cyber security experts, 22,000 researchers and engineers, and its data protection and digital trust management systems.

With security operations centres in the UK, France and the Netherlands, Thales’s cryptographic capabilities are used to secure governments, cities, state and military critical infrastructure and cyberspace across Europe.

The Thales Datacryptor 5000 network security appliance is designed to deliver high-speed data protection with throughput enhancement and low latency to ensure high-assurance, real-time global telemetry transmission from the pit lane back to Williams’ headquarters.

Data protection and security has become a priority across the Williams Group, with more and more projects being undertaken for external customers through the Williams Advanced Engineering team, the engineering services and technology division of Williams.

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Williams Advanced Engineering is tasked with harnessing F1-derived technology to deliver innovative products and services to the motorsport, automotive, aerospace, defence and energy sectors.

Marc Darmon, Thales executive vice-president, secure communication and information systems, said the agreement builds on a strong relationship with Williams.

“The agreement clearly illustrates Thales’ commitment to accompany its clients in their digital transformation where cyber security is a vital requirement,” he said.

Claire Williams, deputy team principal and commercial director at Williams, said the F1 team has undergone a significant digital transformation in the past two years.

“We are revolutionising our IT infrastructure to make sure we are well placed to continue innovating,” she said. “With the help of Thales, we will be introducing cyber security systems that keep our business-critical data secure wherever we are in the world.”

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