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Asean CIOs expect IT budget increase in 2016

IT leaders in the Asean region expect to spend more on IT this year, with big data, mobility and IoT all priorities

Two-thirds of IT decision makers at organisations in the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (Asean) expect their IT spending to increase in 2016, with about half expecting to spend at least 10% more.

According to the Computer Weekly/TechTarget global IT priorities survey 2016, 64% of Asean IT decision makers expect IT budgets to be higher in 2016 than in 2015, with 31% expecting an increase of more than 10%, 26% predicting a rise of between 5% and 10%, and a further 7% expecting budgets to increase by less than 5%. A total of 12% expect the budget to remain the same and 15% expect it to reduce.

A total of 326 Asean IT decision makers responded to the global survey.

Big data/business analytics initiatives were planned by 43% this year, while datacentre consolidation (36%), mobility (35%) and internet of things (30%) were also high up on the list of priorities.

The priority list reflects the need for organisations to know more about customer patterns, trends and likely behaviour, and their demand for mobile access to everything is forcing disruption in Asean enterprises.

This has meant businesses are using big data to better understand customers, transforming datacentres to support cloud strategies, investing in mobile services and ways of working, and are preparing for the wider take-up of internet of things (IoT) technology.

With a large young, urban and tech-savvy population, the Asean region is harnessing new technology to meet customer demand for on-demand services, while ensuring staff can use the technologies they prefer at work.

In mobility, for example, 54% of Asean respondents said they were implementing a bring your own device (BYOD) policy in 2016. These projects, part of enterprise IT consumerisation, enable staff to use the technology they choose at work. For reaching customers, 33% said they planned to deploy mobile applications in 2016.

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