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Polish city builds network to manage smart public transport systems

The city of Rzeszow in Poland is building a microwave data transmission platform to manage transport systems in a smart city project

Microwave broadband specialist Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL) and transmission systems integrator VSAT are to deliver a data transmission platform for intelligent transport systems (ITS) on behalf of the Polish city of Rzeszow.

Having already collaborated on the deployment of backhaul connectivity for 100 public Wi-Fi hotspots, educational institutions and council offices over the Rzeszow Metropolitan Area Network (ResMAN), Rzeszow’s city government has turned its attention to public transport.

The ITS will provide one integrated comms system connecting vehicles, traffic management and the general public to make it easier and safer to move around the city. At the heart of the system will sit CBNL’s VectaStar platform, a carrier-grade point-to-multipoint (PMP) microwave service.

VectaStar will manage traffic lights and closed circuit television (CCTV) feeds from 50 locations in Rzeszow, live passenger information and ticketing services, backup links for the city’s emergency crisis management teams and a dynamic truck weighting system.

The city authorities said that by integrating communications into a single centre, traffic could be monitored and controlled more easily – freeing up congested streets for more reliable public and emergency services – and citizens would be better able to move around Rzeszow.

According to CBNL, the business case presented by VectaStar provided a wireless system with the “optimum balance of performance and cost efficiency” for the city government. It claims total cost of ownership savings of around 50% compared with fibre-based broadband or conventional point-to-point microwave.

CBNL’s vice-president of European sales Patrick Dravet said: “VectaStar is ideally suited to smart city deployments such as this thanks to its optimum balance of high capacity, cost efficiency and flexibility.”

“We had tremendous success working together when introducing the first smart city capabilities to Rzeszow, enabling us to deliver advanced services and reduce our telecommunication operating costs by more than 60%,” said Rzeszow city IT director Leslaw Bandur.

“The performance, flexibility and efficiency of VectaStar was key in supporting us to deliver the ITS. This, together with CBNL and VSAT’s expert consultancy, ensured a smooth and successful roll-out.”

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