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Samsung agrees to pay $548m to settle dispute with Apple

Samsung is expected to pay the outstanding damages to Apple by 14 December 2015, but it has reserved the right to collect reimbursement

Samsung has agreed to pay $548m in damages to Apple to settle a long-running dispute over copyright infringements, but with strings attached.

Apple was initially awarded nearly $1bn in damages that was subsequently reduced to around $500m after a series of appeals by Samsung.

Apple had originally sought $2.5bn in damages from Samsung, claiming the South Korean firm had copied designs for the bodies and user interfaces of the original iPhone and iPad.

In November 2015, Samsung filed a petition to get a hearing by all the judges of the US Court of Appeals on whether Apple could enforce damage payments, but the petition was denied.

Samsung is expected to pay the outstanding damages by 14 December 2015, but has reserved the right to collect reimbursement if there are any further developments in the case.

This includes the results of the case under consideration by the US Patent and Trademark Office that address Apple’s claims in terms of its so-called “pinch-to-zoom” patent.

According to Samsung, the claims have been ruled invalid, but Apple has filed an appeal against the decision. Apple has also disputed Samsung’s asserted rights to reimbursement.

The assertion of its rights to reimbursement indicates that despite the agreement to pay damages, Samsung has still not conceded defeat.

However, a jury trial for a reassessment and possible reinstatement of the remaining $382mn damages is also scheduled for 2016, which means Samsung could face further payments.

The retrial with eight jurors is scheduled for March or April 2016 and will reassess the damages payable by Samsung for the patent infringements by five of its earlier products: the Fascinate, Galaxy S4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Mesmerize and Vibrant, according to Computerworld.

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