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Arcserve Cloud offers customers cloud target and remote failover

Backup software and appliance supplier guarantees availability but latency depends on customer-bought infrastructure

ArcServe has added cloud storage as a target to its Unified Data Protection (UDP) backup software and appliances for European customers.

The Arcserve Cloud option also allows customers to use Arcserve disaster recovery-as-a-service facilities that include the option to failover to its Netherlands-based datacentre and run virtual machines from there within one hour of a local outage.

Being a cloud-based service, however, means latency and access times to data for any operations in the cloud are entirely dependent on customer links to the datacentre in Holland.

Pricing will vary according to the number of TB stored but, according to Arcserve business development director Tony Parry, this would be around £1,300 per 3TB per year, with that figure likely to come down.

Six different compute and storage options are available that range from 4-core CPUs with 32GB of RAM and 2TB of disk to 20 cores, 192GB of RAM and 16TB. Global data deduplication is aimed at boosting capacity and will offer reduction ratios of between 60% and 90%, according to Parry. WAN optimisation minimises the amount of traffic that has to traverse the network.

Windows and Linux environments are supported as well as Microsoft Hyper-v and VMware hypervisors.

With regard to latency when running virtual standby, Parry said: “That's a difficult one. It will depend where in Europe the customer is – obviously a customer in Holland will be much faster than a customer in Portugal – and upon the applications running and their inter-dependencies.

“We can't guarantee a specific speed because we can't guarantee what the connection will be like from the customer. It depends what they have paid for. The datacentre is a Tier 4 datacentre with all redundant components so we can guarantee availability,” he added.

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