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Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute supports bio startups on Nutanix

Converged infrastructure is helping Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute's IT team to provide scalable servers and storage for its Campus Business project

Pharmaceutical research centre Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute has installed an IT infrastructure based on Nutanix hyper-converged technology to support a new campus.

The centre needed a highly scalable converged infrastructure for its Campus Business Project, an initiative to deliver accommodation, scientific facilities and IT services to commercial partners.

Based on software-defined storage and integrated management run on Nutanix’s converged infrastructure, the Campus Business Project enables the virtualisation team at the Sanger Institute to handle storage provisioning on the new infrastructure themselves.

Nutanix will also enable the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute to work with any major hypervisor to deliver affordable IT services to commercial partners, no matter how big or small their budgets.

“In that uncertain environment, Nutanix gives us the certainty of knowing that we can scale our infrastructure to meet the needs of those commercial partners, regardless of how many or what those needs might be, said Simon Binley, principal ICT project manager at the Sanger Institute. Nutanix is enabling us to take a more considered approach and grow the infrastructure as rapidly as we need.”

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He said the Nutanix platform enables Sanger Institute to become agile in how it supports the startups. “We’re starting with just two commercial partners, but expect to grow rapidly over the next 18 months to support the IT needs of 30 or more bio startups, all expecting a scalable, on-demand, IT platform,” said Binley.

Sanger Institute expects to host more than 30 bio startup companies over the next 16 to 20 months.

Organisations using the Campus Business Project include the European Bioinformatics Institute and Genomics England Project.

Other companies deploying IT server and storage infrastructure using converged systems from Nutanix include gym group Fitness First, Surrey County Council and high street lingerie retailer Bravissimo.

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