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European Broadcasting Union simplifies MySQL with Severalnines

Clustered and high-availability MySQL is not easy to manage without a skilled database administrator – but the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) found a tool to help

The European Broadcasting Union, comprising 73 Broadcast Network members in 56 countries, has used automation software from Severalnines to help it manage its MySQL databases.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), an alliance of public-service media organisations, started looking at consolidating in-house databases in 2013 to make it easier  to achieve high availability.

Bob Yang, project manager at EBU, said: "Two years ago, towards the end of 2013, we had quite a few databases hosted internally. Each database required individual support and monitoring, making it difficult to monitor as a whole. We reached around 10 and needed a tool to manage all our databases."

The EBU used the open source MySQL relational database and, while the organisation had the developer skills needed to support MySQL applications, there were no specialist MySQL database administrators in-house, Laurent Pythoud, IT web manager at EBU explained.

"Since we had no internal database administrator (DBA), we searched for a tool to replace the DBA role." The EBU needed a tool that offered good monitoring and would enable the organisation to run DBA tasks such as upgrading clusters, scheduling backups and performing incremental backups. The tool also needed to be able to keep the database running in the event of a failure. 

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The EBU selected ClusterControl from Severalnines to support its MySQL databases. ClusterControl enables EBU to run DBA tasks on its MySQL databases, which allows it to keep the database servers healthy. Pythoud  said: "If a node goes down you want to fix it automatically and ensure the database is being mirrored properly."

With Severalnines, EBU’s internal IT teams found they could manage and monitor all database clusters via a single dashboard providing access to real-time information to act promptly on performance issues. The IT department was able to focus on new business initiatives such as delivering mobile services to customers, as well as save on hiring one full time database administrator per year.

Open-source software is gaining wider acceptance in the enterprise. But as the market for open-source databases grows there are not enough open-source DBAs with expertise in high availability and clustering to meet demand from the growing number of enterprise users, according to Severalnines CEO, Vinay Joosery.

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