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Equinix partners with AquaComms to create high-capacity transatlantic datacentre network

Equinix partners with AquaComms to create high-capacity transatlantic datacentre network

Equinix is planning to deploy a new transatlantic, fibre optic cable system to provide customers with high-capacity connectivity between London and New York.

The datacentre operator is working with AquaComms on the roll-out of the 5,400km America Europe Connect (AEConnect) network, and hopes to have it in place before the end of 2015.

The main connection points will be in Long Island, New York, and the west coast of Ireland, but stubbed branching units will also be included so it can be extended to London. This will also leave the door open for further expansion into Europe as time goes on.

According to Equinix, the cable will be the first subsea cable to be deployed between New York and London in nearly 15 years, and boasts a capacity of around 52Tbps.

The company claims this means it should be equipped to cope with growing customer appetites for bandwidth-intensive applications and cloud services.

Tim Stronge, vice-president of research at market watcher TeleGeography, said content providers are largely responsible for the growing demand for higher-capacity transatlantic links.

“The international bandwidth market is undergoing a transformation. The traditional dynamic by which carriers link broadband users to global networks is still a core part of the market, but on the largest routes, content companies have overtaken carriers as the biggest bandwidth consumers,” he said.

“The largest content providers have become major customers of long-haul capacity as they expand their own internal networks. Increasingly, these entities have capacity requirements that exceed those of the largest carriers.”

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This type of demand has also recently seen Equinix expand its datacentre campuses in Slough and New York, with the latter facility responsible for handling more than 18,000 interconnections between businesses operating in the city and the surrounding area.

Jim Poole, vice-president of global service providers at Equinix, said the availability of this new network connectivity should provide its customers with a competitive edge.

“Equinix has the largest concentration of network and cloud service providers, financial, media and entertainment, gaming, and e-commerce customers available in our business ecosystems,” he said.

“This new bilateral submarine connectivity gives both Equinix and AquaComms’ customers yet another choice for driving business advantage in today’s global economy.”

Greg Varisco, chief operating officer at AquaComms, said partnering with Equinix will enable both firms to respond to the growing demand for transatlantic connectivity.

“Responding to the demand AquaComms is seeing for high-capacity, high-reliability connectivity between North America and Europe, we made a strategic decision to deploy with Equinix,” he said.

“Their datacentres in New York and London act as major international hubs for network traffic, offering our customers the ability to extend existing networks or expand into new markets.”

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