Dell boosts midrange backup appliance range with DL4300

Dell ups number of drives in Intel Xeon-powered backup appliances to create the DL4300 with standard and high-capacity editions and AppAssure backup software

Dell has made two additions to its backup appliance products range, with the DL4300 in the DL400 range (pictured) and the SME-level DL1000. Both use Dell server hardware and AppAssure backup software. 

Dell acquired AppAssure in 2012 and its key product Backup And Replication version 5.4.3, which works across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

The 2U DL4300 comes on Dell’s 13th-generation PowerEdge server with upgraded Intel CPUs, making it Dell’s best-performing backup appliance.

It is available in a standard edition and high-capacity edition with nearline SAS drives.

The standard edition has an eight-core processor, up to 128GB of memory and 5TB to 60TB of usable capacity, with the option to expand capacity upwards from the 5TB, 10TB, 30TB and 50TB options.

The high-capacity edition comes with a 10-core processor, up to 256GB of memory and 40TB to 120TB of usable capacity.

A new feature in the DL4300 is rapid appliance self-recovery (RASR). RASR lets users recover the appliance in the event of failure via a defined restore point or back to its original factory image. With RASR, users can also schedule snapshots of the appliance at defined intervals, and failover to those snapshots in the event of an outage. 

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Source virtual environments supported include VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix. Near-instant recovery time objectives (RTOs) are claimed with recovery point objectives (RPOs) of up to five minutes. Up to 288 snapshots a day can be taken. Data can be archived to the cloud to providers including Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Rackspace or any that uses OpenStack.

AppAssure allows the recovery of data at file, message, data object or complete machine level. Virtual standby VMs can be created that can be failed over to in disaster recovery scenarios.

Dell has also added a 1TB version of its DL1000 SME-level backup appliance. These 1U SATA drive-equipped devices also come with AppAssure Backup And Recovery software and are also available in 2TB and 3TB capacities.

A backup appliance takes backup software and embeds it into hardware with its own onboard disk storage. It provides a simple way to deliver backup services without the need for dedicated backup staff to setup or administer them. That makes backup appliances well suited to use cases that include SMEs and branch offices of large enterprises; larger backup appliances are also appropriate for smaller datacentre operations.


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