Standard Chartered moves 90,000 staff to Jive

Standard Chartered bank is using software from Jive to support collaboration between 90,000 employees in 70 countries

Standard Chartered bank is using software from Jive to improve collaboration between its 90,000 employees in 70 countries.

The software will form a hub to allow employees to collaborate informally. It will also host formal company communications and become a human resources helpdesk.

Mark Devadason, the executive leading the project, said the company’s international workforce is an important advantage, so enhancing collaboration is important.

“Jive will further our competitive advantage by breaking down silos across locations, languages and business divisions so we can all work better together as we bring our valuable expertise to customers,” he said.

Devadason added the move was also driven by demand from the bank’s young workforce.

“When our tech-savvy employees come to work, they expect the same social and mobile capabilities that they’re used to enjoying in their personal lives,” he said.

The roll-out of Jive will start this year, replacing multiple communications channels.

Internal groups will be set up on Jive to help staff share information and help each other.

Businesses in many sectors already harness social media in their customer-facing operations. Customers use social media and many want the companies they buy from to communicate with them through the channel. But transferring customer social media strategies to internal operations is not a straightforward switch.

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Many companies have cracked the customer service function, but most are just beginning to adopt social media internally.

Software such as business-focused Jive bridges this gap.

Consumables supplier Bunzl started using Jive in November 2012 in the UK and Ireland. The company has 90 businesses globally which draw revenues of £6bn a year. In the UK and Ireland it has 18 businesses with a turnover of £1bn a year.

Speaking at a Computer Weekly CW500 Club event last year, James Cam, UK and Ireland IT director at Bunzl, said senior management buy-in is absolutely vital and they need to be seen to be using the tool.

“The real challenge I had was that some of the managing directors were scared of using Jive. We did some reverse mentoring, with youngsters teaching older members of staff to do things like blogging, as well as setting up sandboxed environments for people to try out the platform.”

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