GDS outlines Digital Marketplace strategy for IT procurement

GDS outlines plans for its Digital Marketplace where the public sector can go to procure all IT and digital services in future

The Government Digital Service (GDS) has outlined its strategy for a Digital Marketplace where the public sector can go to procure all IT and digital services in the future.

GDS will continue to develop and promote its Digital Marketplace and build a government-to-government community to educate organisations on how to use the procurement framework to meet their needs.

“Big IT and big failure have stalked government for too long; that is why this government is radically rethinking the way it does business. We are creating a more competitive and open market for technology that opens up opportunity for big and small firms,” said Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude.

The GDS Digital Marketplace – an online platform where public sector organisations can buy cloud services – includes the G-Cloud network and will eventually incorporate the current Digital Services framework.

Work will also be done with the Crown Commercial Service to ensure all frameworks are simple to use to drive all appropriate sales in the correct direction.

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  • Suppliers of agile development services to government have spoken out against Whitehall's Digital Services Framework, used for commissioning firms to work on public projects.
  • The Digital Marketplace replaces the current CloudStore, offering public sector organisations a single place to access and buy IT commodities and services from G-Cloud.

The GDS hopes that by connecting experts and public services disrupters with the correct resources, departments will increase efficiency, promote the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), promote compliance and ultimately save the taxpayer money.

The report highlighted that since its launch in 2012, the G-Cloud framework has collected 1,852 suppliers, 87% of which are SMEs.

This means 50% of the G-Cloud’s half a billion annual spend is directed towards SMEs, promoting growth in the market and creating jobs.

Naureen Khan, associate director for central government at techUK, pointed out the Digital Marketplace strategy continues to encourage the G-Cloud’s vision of a competitive and open technology marketplace for the public sector.

“It's refreshing to see government acknowledge the real challenge of getting the wider public sector to drive more spend through G-Cloud. The key to this is simplification and better engagement with buyers and suppliers, and we fully support the commitment to a 'one place to go' approach,” she said.

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