ArcServe puts UDP software in 7x00 backup series with flash

ArcServe set to launch flash-powered data deduplication backup appliances with replication, high availability and agentless VM backup

ArcServe is set to launch a range of backup appliances incorporating flash storage and offering from 8TB to 26TB of storage as well as hybrid cloud functionality.

It represents the first foray into backup hardware for the company, which was spun out of CA last summer. The development will involve preconfiguring ArcServe’s UDP (Unified Data Protection) backup software onto SuperMicro hardware.

Backup appliances embed backup software into hardware with its own disk storage built-in. They are a simple way to deliver backup service without specialist backup staff, which makes them particularly attractive to SMEs and the branch offices of large enterprises; the larger backup appliances are also appropriate for smaller datacentre operations.

ArcServe technical sales VP Phil Maynard said: “It wasn’t possible to do an appliance when we were part of CA – it was a software company with no track record in hardware. But now for us it’s a no-brainer.”

Last year CA merged several products spanning backup, replication, high availability and agentless virtual machine backup into a single application, UDP, which also provides source and global data deduplication.

The hardware will initially come in three capacities; the entry-level, with 3TB raw (before data deduplication) of SATA disk and 120GB of flash; the 7200, with 6TB raw (on SAS drives) and 120GB of flash; and the 7300, with 9TB raw (also on SAS) and 240GB of flash.

Maynard said raw disk capacity should equal three to four times more storage after data deduplication. Flash – as with the recent Unitrends backup appliance release – provides rapid access to metadata to speed up data deduplication.

In addition to the above products, there will be a 7200V and 7300V with “on-appliance virtual standby”, allowing up to three virtual machines to be run from the device’s on-board disk in case rapid restore should be needed.

Hybrid cloud functionality is provided by access to cloud storage providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Private cloud environments Eucalyptus and Cloudian are also supported.

The ArcServe appliances will be available from February in the US and most of the rest of the world from the third quarter of 2015.

Further appliance models with capacities going to 100TB and more will be launched with the next full upgrade to UDP software (version 6) later in 2015. A virtual backup appliance version will be launched in Q2.


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