Stress levels on the rise for IT workers

49% of IT workers say they’re closer to burning out now compared with five years ago

Stress levels for IT workers are on the rise, according to a survey from Regus.

Figures from the managed offices company revealed 49% of IT workers admitted to being closer to burning out now than they were five years ago.

The survey of more than 3,000 professionals showed the UK average across all work sectors was 48%.

Triggers for IT workplace stress include a lack of exercise, feeling understaffed and job insecurity.

Of those questioned, 71% said a break from the main office, or a change of scenery by working in another location, was a good stress reliever.

Respondents said having the freedom to work away from the main office occasionally is key to achieving a good work-life balance. A total of 73% said workers who have flexibility are happier and 75% said they are more content being able to work outside the main office occasionally.

The survey also revealed freelance workers tend to be more relaxed, with more than half (55%) believing freelancers’ autonomy to change location and set their own hours reduces stress.

Regus UK CEO Richard Morris said stress levels are increasing in the workplace because of various factors, as workers feel under-resourced and deskbound.

“Dedicated workspaces offer the flexibility to work in a variety of locations," he said. "This is the future of work, and brings a number of benefits including improved productivity and employee well-being.”

In 2008 the Samaritans conducted a survey into stress and support in the workplace. Some 40% of workers said they felt unsupported at work and 80% of employees said they were feeling the effects of the nationwide bullying endemic.

The survey was conducted to mark the annual Stress Down Day, which is on 1 Febraury and was started to encourage people to take better care of their health at work and reduce stress levels.

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