Rackspace offers vCloud hosting for enterprise private clouds

Rackspace and VMware have joined forces to provide hosted private cloud services for business users

Rackspace and VMware have joined forces to provide hosted private cloud services for business users.

The Dedicated vCloud service provides a single-tenant, hosted environment which enables IT departments to migrate their VMware setup to a hosted datacentre.

Through the service, Rackspace offers customers a private cloud that includes physical hardware isolation from the firewall to the storage layer.

The company said this eliminates issues common to shared infrastructure, such as the “noisy neighbour” effect, and helps to increase security.

“Rackspace offers enterprises a fully managed private cloud powered by VMware vCloud leveraging hybrid cloud services," said Bill Fathers, executive vice-president and general manager of the cloud services business unit at VMware. “By offloading infrastructure management to Rackspace, customers can now focus their resources on growing their core business.”

Arrian Mehis, general manager of the VMware practice at Rackspace, said the service would enable enterprises to take the next step in their virtualisation journey, providing automation, self-service, hosted catalogues and access to the vCloud application programming interface (API) and vCloud web portal.

Mehis said the hosted vCloud environment is covered by Rackspace’s 100% network uptime guarantee and one-hour hardware replacement guarantee.

Rackspace has come under pressure since IBM increased its presence in the hosting and cloud market through its acquisition of SoftLayer in 2013.

Writing about Rackspace last year, Forrester analyst James Staten noted: “The heart of the company and the bulk of its revenues come from traditional hosting, which is not a high-growth, high-margin business. What separates Rackspace from the pure-plays is its recognition that not all workloads are best in a cloud environment, but most can certainly leverage traditional hosting.”

The Dedicated vCloud service follows in the company’s hosting tradition.

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