Google targets 300 million Indians with Hindi-language website

Google has creates Hindi-language website to add 300 million Indian internet users by 2017

Google has created a new Hindi-language website to add 300 million Indian internet users by 2017, and bridge the country's linguistic digital divide.

The site, Hindi Web, gathers curated links to websites, blogs, apps and videos across a range of categories including music, education, fashion and jobs. According to Google, the website will enable Hindi-speaking internet users to discover the best Hindi content on the internet.

Google India announced the formation of the Indian language Internet Alliance (ILIa), a group dedicated to endorsing the growth of Indian language content online. ILIA, formed in partnership with Indian technology and content companies.

The firm also showed off other recent efforts to target Hindi speakers, including the ability to carry out voice searches (including speech recognition) in the language and a free virtual keyboard for Android devices that allows users to type in the Devanagari script.

Google's Indian-born search chief Amit Singhal said: "Hindi voice search will be just one of the many steps Google is taking to empower the Indian language users and advertisers to take advantage of the web's huge economic and social potential."

Singhal added: “Local language content is not available easily on the web, we are making it easy for the new users to access that content.” 

He also called on the Indian Government to improve internet connectivity in rural areas.

Dr Neelam Mukesh, head of Hindi department at Bundelkhand University, said: “The internet is a galaxy of information and it provides a medium to communicate across the globe and there shouldn’t be any language barrier. I appreciate the continuous efforts by Google to make internet more easy and accessible for everyone.”

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