Atos launches security apprentice academy

IT services company Atos has launched a Cyber Security Academy to give apprentices cyber defence skills

IT services company Atos has launched a Cyber Security Academy to give apprentices the skills they need to protect enterprises from cyber attacks.

The 12-week course, accredited by the University of Derby, will take on 20 graduates this year, but by 2016 the course organisers expects to have 80.

All graduates will receive an Advanced Diploma in IT Security from Derby University, which is the equivalent to the first year of an advanced cyber security degree. They will be expected to take up roles at Atos.

“This course has given me the skills and confidence to build my IT career with specialist skills in cyber security. Everything I’ve learned can be applied to the clients I work with and it feels amazing to be able to share the knowledge I have with my new colleagues,” said one graduate of the course, Abdirahman Wardhere.

During the course, apprentices will build and operate enterprise-level cyber defences and manage their implementation and on-going operation. 

“Successful graduates will be able to assess business requirements, industry developments as well as meet the requirements set by the government and law,” said Atos.

According to a recent survey from MWR InfoSecurity, 75% of security professionals said a lack of skilled staff was making it easier for hackers to strike.

The survey revealed calls for the government to boost its commitment to improving cyber skills. 

"What we have here is a case of not only a shortage in highly skilled professionals to combat cyber crime, but also a lack of general education among the public and employees that hackers can take advantage of to compromise our national security in Great Britain," said Martyn Ruks, group technical director at MWR InfoSecurity.

City University London started a new MSc Cyber Security in September. The course has been added to the university’s cyber security centre, set up three years ago, and will see teaching added to the cyber security research already conducted by the department.

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