Technology is changing society's values, says Hitachi

Social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies are causing a shift in society says Hitachi’s executive officer

Social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies (Smac) are causing a shift in society’s values for the better, according to Hitachi’s executive officer.

Hitachi showcased its social innovation vision at Hitachi Innovation Forum (HIF) in Tokyo last week, unveiling a range of projects that are taking place all over the world as the company claims it is transforming to a global player.

During his keynote address, Yutaka Saito, executive officer of Hitachi, said: “Through Smac we will see a shift in values from Mono to Koto – which means to shift from the functional value of a product to the experiential value of individuals.

“We will be sharing the values that arise from knowledge for a prosperous future.”

Saito gave an example of a project in India where a city is tracking services for ATM machines, and placing new machines in empty locations where large numbers of transactions are expected to take place: “If there are not enough transactions made within six months at a new location, the ATM will be closed and placed in an area with more pedestrian traffic.”

Another way Hitachi is utilising social innovation is through saving water, gas and energy.

Chairman and CEO Hiroaki Nakanishi of Hitachi said the earth is 1,400km3 water but only 400km3 is fresh water and therefore “it is important for humanity to use water in an efficient manner. 

“Water, food and energy all lead to national security issues and the stability of society. We have an ageing society problem in Japan, so people are living longer and requiring more resources.”

Nakanishi said: “We will respond to the world through our social innovation business. We hope Japan will become one of the innovation hubs.”

Hitachi has already built Big Data Global Centers for Innovate Analytics in the UK, France, Denmark, USA, India, Singapore and China as part of a plan to grow its social innovation business.

The supplier announced last week that it plans to unveil six new social innovation products over the next six months. These include a Hitachi Insight Platform for telcos to perform analytics and Hitachi Connected Health, which is aimed at allowing health departments to communicate more smoothly.

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