IBM and Lenovo complete content migration

T-Systems has migrated essential content from IBM x86 Lenovo’s systems

T-Systems has migrated essential content used by IBM’s x86 staff to Lenovo following a six-week project.

After Lenovo's acquisition of IBM x86, it was vital that staff moving from IBM to Lenovo have access to the content.

Consultants from T-Systems’ Glasgow-based Vamosa business, which has worked with IBM since 2006, completed the project.

Nic Archer of T-Systems said that ex-IBMers moving to Lenovo will now be able to access IBM content.

“We have moved all of the internal intranet content into the cloud from IBM systems. This is the nitty gritty that people use every day like blogs and wikis," said Archer.

This involved moving 45 different systems, over 6,000 pages of content and 300GB of data.

The Vamosa software is used by companies after mergers and acquisitions. The software is plugged into the content and, after going through the "migration factory", it is transferred to its new destination.

T-Systems bought the intellectual property of Vamosa after it went into administration in 2010. T-Systems came across Vamosa when it was investigating migrating web technologies for some of its customers.

Businesses can just buy the software and perform the migration themselves, or buy the service with the software included. IBM uses the software for its customers through a “white label” agreement.

It was also used to integrate the Sun Microsystems website and intranet into Oracle's after its $7bn acquisition. The Oracle migration took place from April to June 2010. It involved consolidating into and consolidating the specialist developer sites for both organisations on to the same platform. Oracle estimated that the project involved processing around 250,000 source data items in order to move all the information onto the target system.

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