Orange steps up to growing demands on business networks

Orange Business Services is extending Business VPN to cater for growing use of internet networks for cloud and web services

Orange Business Services is extending its Business VPN service to meet the growing demand on internet networks from the influx of cloud and web services in business.

The hybrid internet service suits large businesses which are struggling with increasing internet traffic.

Orange claims its Business VPN Internet provides a secure business internet connection which improves network performance by reducing congestion and internet access latency.

As part of the Orange Business Services hybrid network, Business VPN Internet helps to combine the features of a traditional VPN with the internet, by moving selected traffic from the enterprise VPN to the internet depending on business regulations. 

This allows the VPN to have less traffic moving across it, therefore speeding up services without compromising on security.

The VPN service can prioritise applications, while Orange Business Services has also implemented 15 gateways around the world to allow internet traffic to be closer to the user, thereby eliminating delays. 

Each gateway has a virtual firewall based on customer needs. Orange can also provide cloud-based security such as URL filtering.

“We’re still seeing massive growth of traffic in enterprise,” said Andrew McFadzen, head of network solutions at Orange Business Services.

The use of video, cloud collaboration, multiple devices and the mixing of professional and personal internet use is causing businesses to struggle to deliver fast internet access, he said.

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Jerry Caron, senior vice-president analyst for Current Analysis, agreed. He said public cloud services are making their way into businesses and IT wants to be able to support what people really need, but has been struggling.

It is not just the IT department that decides on what applications a business should be running, he said, but today other stakeholders have a say, including the chief marketing officer and head of sales. 

With shifts in budget, companies are also moving more to software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud applications, which place a lot of demand on company networks.

“And the ones who get it in the neck are the IT people,” he said.

Caron said with more and more companies encouraging their users to be mobile and the proliferation of mobile devices, providing the same level of experience to mobiles is the “holy grail” for IT.

“If it’s as good in a Starbucks as it is when they’re inside the corporation – that’s the IT nirvana,” he said.

Caron also said that all businesses consider their networks to be critical resources, whereas very few applications are. “Even with, your company will survive if it’s out for an hour,” he said. 

“But the network itself, there’s no question that the vast majority of businesses believe it's mission critical.”

While BT offers this hybrid model already, McFadzen said Orange Business Services will be using its Business VPN product to challenge the market and get into new markets and customer segments.

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