Codecademy’s new UK office supports computing teachers for free

Codecademy’s new UK head tells how teachers are using its free resources to prepare for computing curriculum

Codecademy has released free teaching resources to offer support in the lead up to the new computing curriculum that begins this September.

The training company’s Pupil Tracker features help with lesson plans and courses, and tracks pupils’ progress through percentage rates, a series of badges and last login dates.

Headquartered in the US, Codecademy has been working with the UK Department for Education and Computing At School to provide teachers with a range of free courses and tools to teach computer science.

Codecademy’s coding courses have been taken by more than 24 million people so far. It opened its first London office recently, after signing up two million Britons to its online computer programming courses.

The UK office will be headed by Rachel Swidenbank, who joined Codecademy in April from management consultancy Bain.

Speaking to Computer Weekly, Swidenbank said: “It is great that we are providing skills for teachers and the workplace. Already 1,000 schools across the UK have signed up. My focus is on the UK currently, but we are still expanding internationally and translating our courses into other languages to expand our reach.

“Many of the people who take Codecademy go on to be successful in new career paths. For instance, a guy in the US learnt to build websites; he has managed to double his salary in just two years.”

Swidenbank has an interest in science and studied engineering at the University of Oxford: “I was a teacher on the TeachFirst programme for two years and then went into management consulting, but I missed education too much and the tech side of things, so Codecademy was a perfect match.”

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