Cisco advances global Intercloud through further partnerships

Cisco has announced a number of new partners onto its new Intercloud network

Cisco has announced a number of new partners on to its new Intercloud network.

Dimension Data, Sungard Availability Services, VCE, NetApp, Accenture have all partnered with the supplier.

These partnerships mark the supplier’s initial steps on its journey to create the world’s largest global hybrid cloud service by using expertise of partners and local hosting.

Dimension Data and Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) have both joined Telstra as Cisco Intercloud partners who will invest with Cisco to align their public cloud infrastructures to the Cisco Cloud.

Dimension Data will provide the supplier with access to its managed cloud platform, which is delivered via 10 cloud platforms around the world.

Dimension Data and Cisco will deliver an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution that is then packaged with the supplier's technology and SaaS services, which can then be delivered by other resellers to users.

Meanwhile, VCE and NetApp will work with Cisco to build “Intercloud-ready” integrated infrastructure solutions.

Speaking at Cisco’s annual conference in San Francisco today, the company's president of development and sales, Rob Lloyd, said he had recently talked to a global services provider about Intercloud, who likened the Intercloud service to mobile network roaming, which allows customers to go anywhere in the world with a seamless mobile service.

“But we’re going to do this with the Intercloud,” said Lloyd.

He said through Cisco’s broad ecosystem of cloud partners around the world, customers will be able to understand and respect specific data and privacy rules in different geographies.

“We’re going to embrace all cloud providers in the countries we do business around the world,” he said.

Cisco first announced its new network, Intercloud, at its Partner Summit two months ago, with plans to invest $1bn into it over the next two years. It claims it will create a global interconnection enabling the internet of things.

“Our aspiration is to be the number one provider of hybrid cloud,” said Lloyd. “Our destination is to build a global Intercloud of all clouds – it connects all capabilities of public, private and your infrastructure.”

The intercloud claims to provide a distributed network and security architecture designed for high-value app workloads, real-time analytics, near infinite scalability and, in a post-Snowden world, compliance with data sovereignty laws.

Cisco's new cloud services will also be a home for its existing Software as a Service offerings, such as WebEx.

But at the time IT professionals believed the networking giant was late to the game, with Cisco needing to prove its additional value compared to existing competitors in this space.

But David Bradshaw, research manager for cloud services at analyst IDC, also warned that Cisco would have to be careful not to step on any of its partners’ toes during its journey to Intercloud domination.

Speaking after Cisco announced the new network in March, he said:  “The company is positioning this as a collaboration with partners. While that is strategically sensible, Cisco has to be very careful not to tread on any of their toes because they are also the company’s customers, using its technology to deliver cloud services.”

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