Denise McDonagh takes CTO role at Home Office

Former G-Cloud director Denise McDonagh is taking the role of chief technology officer (CTO) at the Home Office

Former G-Cloud director Denise McDonagh is to take the role of CTO at the Home Office.

The news follows the appointment Tony Singleton, COO at the Government Digital Service (GDS), as the G-Cloud programme lead, now the project has transitioned to GDS in a move to further embed cloud and digital across government.

Denise McDonagh took over the programme from previous G-Cloud director Chris Chant last year and split the role with her position as IT director at the Home Office.

Her appointment as CTO is part of government’s drive to elevate the role of the CTO as the key position in driving digital change across Whitehall.

Earlier this year, government axed the role of a central CIO, with former deputy CIO Liam Maxwell becoming the first government CTO. The office of the CTO now has around 15-20 people, with a total of about 50 CTO roles now working across government.

McDonagh has worked in government IT for 33 years. Over the last decade she has been focused on dealing with big suppliers, having worked as director of outsourcing at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, before moving to the Home Office as IT director.

In 2009 McDonagh implemented an "extend and blend programme" for the Home Office, which took out more than £100m in costs over the life of the contracts by breaking up supplier duplication on including desktops, hosting and networks. 


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