Departments to push millions through G-Cloud this year

Government will spend tens of millions through the G-Cloud framework in 2013, says Alex Holmes, deputy director of IT reform at the Cabinet Office

The G-Cloud framework will see departments channel tens-of-millions of pounds through it this year, according to Alex Holmes, deputy director of IT reform at the Cabinet Office.

The amount of business is increasingly exponentially, said Holmes, speaking at the Intellect Cobalt conference.

The comments come amid criticism that the G-Cloud has seen a low uptake from government, with around £7m having been spent through the programme.

Holmes said most of this spend would go on areas such as application development and desktop services. “Medium-sized departments will be putting tens-of-millions of pounds through the G-Cloud each this year,” he said.

Holmes also said that it was likely that procurement of IT would become increasingly centralised, with Cabinet Office carrying out tendering on their behalf. “Not as a repeat of a central IT department, but we are moving to a more centralised approach.”

He said government was moving away from the old world of the CIO, which was focused on technology, to the world of the user. “We’ve fallen out of love with ICT and in love with the user,” he said.

The news comes as the NHS Commissioning Board is looking to use multiple secure email providers via the government’s G-Cloud framework.

The move would be the largest deal yet to go through G-Cloud, pushing many millions of pounds through the framework.

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