Phones 4u launches LIFE mobile virtual network on EE infrastructure

Phones 4u has revealed plans to launch its own mobile network, LIFE Mobile, in March 2013, running over EE’s 3G network

Phones 4U has revealed plans to launch its own mobile network.

Phones 4U is known as an independent phone retailer, stocking handsets and tariffs from every operator, but it has decided to offer its own branded contracts.

Called LIFE Mobile, Phones 4U's network will run a virtual network on EE’s existing infrastructure, making it a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO.    

The LIFE Mobile network will launch in March 2013, offering 3G connectivity. The virtual network will take advantage of EE’s backbone and offer 4G contracts later in the year.

“Our customers see their mobile devices as an integral part of their daily lives,” said Tim Whiting, group chief executive at Phones 4u. “LIFE Mobile will enable us flexibility and creativity in designing propositions to give our customers even further choice.”

“We are confident the new network will play a key role in driving further growth for our business.”

LIFE Mobile will be available in Phones 4U stores alongside the other operators, as well as online, so the company can try to keep its existing business model as well.

The tariffs, services and handsets available over LIFE Mobile have yet to be confirmed but Phones 4U promised more information in the coming weeks.   

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