BT Openreach reveals 330Mbps fibre for wholesale

The division announces the network for communications providers will launch on 11 June

BT Openreach today revealed it would be providing 330Mbps Fibre to the Premise (FTTP) connections for ISPs to rent.  

The company will make the network live on 11 June and offer special promotions to companies who buy up the wholesale capacity before the end of January 2013, providing a discount of up to 50% per line per calendar month. The discounted rate will then be applied until 31 January 2014.

Upload speeds of either 20Mbps or 30Mbps will be available for the 330Mbps networks.

Pricing for annual rental comes in between £187.32 and £288 for 330Mbps/20Mbps at the discount rate and between £295.32 and £396 without the savings, but with the addition of VAT and a profit margin for ISPs, the price per month is likely to be much higher when it goes on sale to consumers.

BT Openreach also plans to release an 80Mbps network product, with 20Mbps upload speeds, in June, and a follow-up launch of a 220Mbps in the New Year, although upload speeds and prices have yet to be revealed for the latter.

The fastest speed available from BT through wholesale at the moment is 110Mbps, but this also has a top upload speed of 30Mbps.

In BT’s results last week, Openreach managed to be the only division of the company to grow in its fiscal year fourth quarter.

Revenues rose by 4% to reach $1.3bn for the broadband business, whilst every other division’s revenues fell by between 3% and 6%.

Overall revenue for BT fell by 4% to £4.8bn for the three month period.


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