Highlands university implements Cisco video conferencing

Logicalis has implemented a Cisco video conferencing infrastructure for The University of Highlands and Islands.

The University of Highlands and Islands (UHI) has implemented a Cisco-based video conferencing infrastructure.

Installed by reseller Logicalis, the system will enable the provision of higher education to 8,000 students within 15,000 square miles and 90 inhabited Scottish islands.

Lecturers can now be taught over the video conferencing network and through partnerships with 50 learning centres throughout the region.

Bob Brandie, senior video conference technician at the university, said: “UHI has challenged and transformed the preconceived ideas of how higher education can be delivered to students; video conferencing is integral to this.”

UHI students can be taught over 200 courses via the new system. Engineers can take control of the network whenever necessary, for example to make software updates from the operations centre.

In UHI’s HR department both local and international staff recruitment interviews take place over video conferencing, in addition to meetings notifying staff about policy, salary reviews, staff development and appraisals.

Brandie said: “Our finance committees also meet via video conference - we consider it particularly important that the annual salary deliberations are not held up because people are unable to travel. In short there is no area of UHI’s activity which does not involve video conferencing in some way.”


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