Rochdale saves £300,000 with PSN-ready network

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council has saved £300,000 per year by rolling out a PSN-ready network.

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council has saved £300,000 per year by rolling out a PSN-ready network.

The network provided by Updata Infrastructure will save the council 35% on its previous Wide Area Network. The move is part of Rochdale’s property consolidation programme, which will involve migrating 50% of its WAN links to a newly built premise.

The network will provide improved broadband access to an initial 130 sites, including all primary schools and council corporate sites in the Borough. The WAN will initially connect over 4,000 PCs, 4,000 phones and 5,000 individual users.  

Helen Gerling, ICT director at the council, said: “Our asset consolidation strategy meant we needed to relocate many of our core WAN site connections.”

Gerling said the council may connect its networks to a PSN across greater Manchester, after it has completed a major IT overhaul programme which began in August last year and is expected to be completed in April 2013.

The programme involves upgrading its virtualisation technology, moving datacentres, rolling out unified communications, a new council website, virtual desktop infrastructure, and undergoing a Windows 7 upgrade.

“The infrastructure was about six years old, and our businesses change required an infrastructure upgrade, we wanted to enable flexible working in location and enable more online services. It’s not just an upgrade for the sake of it but to enable more efficiencies.”

Updata Infrastructure was recently named as one of the 12 suppliers on the government’s Public Services Network (PSN) framework.

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